08/14/18 01:06AM
the price of a set of ecological doors
the ecological door concept is derived from the ecological home, It is made of a recyclable material that not only reduces the harm of the product to the human body, but also reduces human damage to the environment. It is a healthy, green product.
However, the ecological world has been in the embarrassing situation of the world. On the one hand, because the Chinese people's decoration styles are mostly Chinese and European, only a few fashionable young people adopt pure modern style; on the other hand, the ecological door is simple in shape.
The use of interior doors can give people a cold feeling, and the price of a set of ecological doors is not much different from the price of a set of wooden doors, so many consumers prefer to choose wooden doors as interior doors. To break this embarrassing situation, the eco-door industry needs to cultivate the market,
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