03/13/17 12:21PM
will inevitably control the basic resources
In the country, the floor brand has as many as 3000, the real brand-name enterprises are very few Enterprises to increase the technological content of the road to take the brand has been imperative. With the further intensification of competition in the industry, some large-scale production enterprises began to upstream and downstream of the industrial chain,
with the passage of time will inevitably control the basic resources, master the advanced production technology, with advanced production equipment, constitute a sound marketing network. Will emerge out of a number of good corporate culture, control of production and marketing system of the brand enterprises.
With the market competition intensified, there will be 20% of the brand occupied 80% market share situation, brand marketing is not far from us. Integrity marketing is growing calls Marketing is a comprehensive discipline, is the only way for every business to obtain profits. Marketing knowledge is good, you can make the enterprise to obtain huge profits.
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