03/14/17 05:53AM
wood floor market

<p>One, see its pledge, when choosing bamboo floor board, [url=]engineered wood outdoor floor[/url] with heft of hand weigh in hand, heavy had better. Because heavy bamboo is general density is big, stability is good, more strong and durable, light is tender bamboo is made commonly, stability and the compressive strength that defy a turn is insufficient.[url= ]Railing for Composite Decking[/url] Bamboo age is in 4 ~ 6 years idealer, the age is small did not become a useful person, zhu Zhitai is tender, the bambooskin with old age is too thick, use rise too fragile. </p>

<p>2, watch its grain, elect bamboo floor board, want to observe its grain, those who choose grain clarity. Grain is punch-drunk is dated bamboo floor. Better floor park light place, see its surface have wait for a phenomenon without lacquer of bosomy bubble, pinhole, ele[url=]decking made from recycled[/url] phant skin, leakage, particle, see its lacquer face again whether rich and generous, full, level off. </p>

<p>3, watch its form, optional 10 bamboo piece floor, put on level off ground, spell outfit hind to do not have difference of apparent on any account and apparent aperture, appearance is orderly had better. [url=]wood above ground pools usa[/url] Norms dimension is unfavorable choose big. Bit narrower floor internal stress is small, stabler, general width is unfavorable exceed 125mm, the ply of watch board is unfavorable exceed 4mm, total ply is unfavorable exceed 15mm. </p>

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