03/15/17 06:44AM
company's products will be popular
<p>you think our private enterprise development What is the point of opportunity and what is the biggest challenge?Soufun home network: China's domestic industry has been developing for 30 years,<a href="">portable outdoor flooring ideas</a> during which consumption behavior is also changing, from the initial pursuit of living to enjoy life, the demand for home is from a single upgrade to a variety, personality, taste and enjoy ,[url= ]low maintenance WPC pergola[/url] People's color is more prominent, it was defined as the era of lifestyle. So what do you think of consumer behavior at this stage of what are the significant features? [Zhang En Jiu]: presents three major characteristics: First, the progress of the times, consumers are more rational consumer behavior; Second, consumer demand for consumption has not only stay in the product features,</p>
<p> and pay more attention to the high contained in the product Added value, such as comfort, personality, fashion, environmental protection, freedom, taste, etc .;<a href="">low maintenance WPC pergola</a> Third, consumers are more concerned about the original needs of human products content. Jusheng floor and the process of interaction with the market, but also gradually realized that the impact of lifestyle on consumer behavior is growing, consumers pursue what kind of lifestyle, will tend to buy what kind of products, so we timely Jusheng American authentic floor, to meet the latest comfort,[url=]diy outdoor deck tile patio composite[/url] freedom, environmental protection, consumption characteristics, to create a diversified, personalized, taste of the lifestyle to provide the best choice. [Soufun home network]: changes in consumer behavior and lifestyle for the arrival of the times, </p>
<p>do you think the home business should be how to change? How is your business doing? [Zhang En Jiu]: changes in consumer behavior and lifestyle is the inevitable trend of the development of the times.<a href="">cheap ways to cover outside deck</a> Only when the product represents the way of life and the customer's lifestyle between the contact, the company's products will be popular. Our responsibility is to create a lifestyle through the product, to take the initiative to change the product structure to comply with this trend. Jusheng floor has just completed a new industrial park this year.[url= ]Easy installation WPC pergola[/url] The five major industrial clusters cover the production and sales of logs and pure solid wood, composite solid wood, fine imitation wood and antique flooring. We strive to meet the rapid changes with more and more personalized products And expanded consumer demand.</p>

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