03/17/17 03:40AM
careful consultations and agreed to build
<p> Since last year,<a href="">Cheap outdoor WPC pergolas</a> Jusheng floor and Shanghai University have been in contact with the two sides to carry out nano-functional floor R D work carried out a number of careful consultations and agreed to build a "composite materials and advanced decentralized technology Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center cooperation base". Asus flooring Co., Ltd. as one of the leading enterprises in China's wood flooring industry, has been committed to the construction of research and development platform,[url=]wood like tile wall[/url] the industry's first and the wood industry's most authoritative research institutions - China Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry to build a production and research cooperation platform ,</p>
<p> And with the Nanjing Forestry University,<a href="">wpc board manufacturer in philippines</a> Zhejiang Forestry College and other colleges and universities to establish a close relationship between production and research cooperation. Shanghai University is the national "211 Project" one of the key construction of colleges and universities, scientific research strength in the national colleges and universities in the advanced level. Jusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. and Shanghai University to establish production and research cooperation base, the domestic excellent nano-research team into the wood floor R D team,[url= ]Creating Safe PVC Railing[/url] played a very good complementary role, is the wood flooring industry research and development work with academician expert workstation After another important leap. April 30, 2010,</p>
<p> Jusheng floor and Shanghai University officially signed a production and research cooperation agreement, which is Jiusheng floor after the establishment <a href="">wpc decking closeout sale</a> of academicians after the work of another major scientific research cooperation action. Huzhou City Nanxun District Organization Department of Science and Technology Bureau of Human Resources Bureau of the leadership witnessed the signing ceremony, and on both sides of the cooperation to give full recognition and high expectations. Shanghai Nanotechnology and Industry Promotion Center chief scientist,[url=]best pool deck composite wood[/url] Shanghai University of nano-science and technology research center, deputy director of science and technology, Professor Shi Liyi and long-sheng flooring Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Qian Xinmin, respectively, </p>

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