Artist: Zhe Jiang Jiusheng floor

Ng P said: "Zhejiang Nanxun solid wood flooring business area that there are more than 300, <a href="">patio pavers that look like wood</a> about 1/4 of the manufacturers now closed, fluctuations in raw materials, a huge impact on the entire Nanxun, several long-sheng, World of Friends, Gerson, Kut and other large manufacturers timber by Indonesia, South American wood crisis, the current supply capacity was obviously struggling. "raw material problem is now becoming <a href="">exterior mdf panels</a> constrained flooring, solid wood flooring, especially the core issue of enterprise development. As environmental awareness in the world rising, many countries have introduced a ban over-exploitation of timber laws and regulations. For this reason, the price of wood rising. Meanwhile, with environmental awareness go to the public, a lot of ordinary people also for environmental reasons, but avoid buying wood flooring. But things are not absolute, <a href="">Composite White Fence Manufacturer</a> hard wood floor face, gave flooring brought a good opportunity. Guangdong rich wheat floor large cotton also told reporters: "Guangdong enterprises should seize the golden opportunity floor flooring benign development, ahead of international standards." But many in the industry have pointed out, laminate flooring is best not to rush, but also otherwise It will be out of trouble. Solid wood flooring dilemma facing not only the prices of raw materials sampling of qualified low-priced brand-name products far exceeded the current number of flooring manufacturers, competition is fierce, although the price war is the most effective competitive weapon, but for a business to provide a quality product, to to survive and develop, the price war can only be a short-term strategy. <a href="">stockade fence installation price per foot</a> Meanwhile, some unscrupulous businessmen also by the low price of the sale of some poor quality products, market and industry are undoubtedly a disaster. China Consumer Association and the China National Forest Products Industry Association in March 2005 jointly issued six wooden floor "consumer alert" to remind consumers not to buy one of the price of less than 70 yuan / square meter of laminate flooring.