Artist: polyurethane these materials

<p>Since the foam board, extruded sheet, polyurethane these materials fire hazards, do not use it is not on it? "It appears to be very simple, it was precisely the most difficult problems. Insulation and fire can be said to be a contradiction of the natural." Has been engaged in insulation materials, Shandong Jianzhu University research professor Meng Yang told reporters, wall insulation can There are two <a href=''>plastic hollow decking UAE</a> types of organic polymer materials (the three are all) and inorganic materials. The former is good, but easy to burn insulation, which on the contrary, fire insulation poor.</p><p> Some "deficiencies" also makes the difficult moment of inorganic materials play a leading role. "For example, rock wool and glass wool, ore, slag after sintering, centrifugation, curing and other processes made itself high pollution, high energy consumption of its fiber is easy to drift in the air, causing people with asthma, itchy skin. In order to stereotypes To add a binder, and an organic polymer material, resulting in lower overall fire performance. " Rock wool and glass wool in the Jinan market is much used? In the market, stall Wang Yan told reporters that the two materials are quite expensive, between the foam board and extruded plate prices between; but the fear of rain, was otherwise a waterproof, relatively cumbersome construction. And to get the workers who will cause itching, use less. Jinan, the most used or foam board and extruded plate. "After the damp rock wool insulation properties will be reduced.</p><p> And this material is relatively heavy, compared with the same thickness of foam board, extruded sheet, polyurethane to heavy 2-7 times heavier suck water. Hanging outside wall easily fall. "Meng Yang said, now look, do insulation inorganic material, technology is not mature. "Organic insulation <a href=''>cedar wall panels Murcia</a> materials fire-retardant treated (the most realistic approach is to add flame retardants), but also to achieve B1 'flame' stage. In particular phenolic resin, it is easy to reach B1 level." However, due to the construction market is not standardized layers of contract at the end, the project team the rest of the money is only enough material to sell NAO. Plus the important reasons people captured on the use, on-site operations are not standardized, they are frequent accidents.</p>