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<p>with good and badNew home decoration, water first, many owners of water and electricity to install decorative materials prices are not familiar with today Xiaobian to share some of the price of water and electricity decoration materials for your reference! First, the strong electricity (contracting) project unit price dark Meters Installation of the box 86 �� 86 5 yuan month through the wall of the load-bearing walls (wall), the installation of the box 86 �� 86 5 yuan 40 yuan a non-load-bearing walls 15 yuan a box black <p>
<p>box 200 yuan month outfit 100 yuan month Second, the waterway transformation of waterway construction offer underground tube PP-RDNS2.820mm38 yuan extension Mi-tube PP-RDNS2.820mm28 Yuan extension of the m pipe a tube PP-RDNS3.525mm55 yuan extension Miming tube PP-RDNS3.525mm46 yuan extension of the m-wall bearing wall 50 yuan hole through the wall hole non-load-bearing wall 20 yuan Only the valve DN25 90 yuan a valve DN20 70 yuan a three lighting <p>
<p>installation and panel lighting installation spotlights or downlights 16 yuan a ceiling 30 yuan chandelier 60 yuan month switch and socket installation fees, 30 The following charges 7 yuan month, more than 30 5 yuan month, light with 30 yuan month. Additional Notes 1, 2012 hydropower installation quotation, including pipe, wire, wiring, construction, slotting, pressure experiments. Does not include sealing groove, do not include to do waterproof and sanitary ware installation, calculated according to the actual <p>
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