Artist: your wood successful responding

<p>For the double anti, we specifically asked the United States to respond to a lawyer." Said Zhang Yuhua timber trade department in an interview yesterday. <a href="">composite retaining wall panels</a>Yuhua wood not only invited the United States lawyers, but also invited the Chinese lawyers to jointly respond to the double anti"." A person in charge of the office of the company told this newspaper yesterday. </p>

<p>But according to the newspaper reporter, most of the enterprise is not willing to pay the China local lawyer responding. According to Song Yaming introduction, the majority of <a href="">composite process premade pieces in an other pieces</a> enterprises have invited the domestic lawyer. "Mainly the United States attorney fees are very high, the general business if the local market share is relatively small, may not be willing to spend the money." Qin accounting theory.</p>

<p>Zhang believes that although the United States attorney fees higher, but the United States is more familiar with the laws and regulations of the United States, know how to better deal with. <a href="">put a sitting wall on paver patio</a> "The company is the largest company in the United States market share in China, so it is necessary to play." Zhang believes, please lawyers in the United States is one of the reasons your wood successful responding, alone responding is more feasible, but it is not necessarily Baotuan good countermeasures.</p>