Artist: process, beyond the abrasion scratch

<p>bite, to contain each other, and ultimately by virtue of the mortise of the precision fit to reinforce the structure, so that the whole floor into one, so that you can completely remove the floor nail, And keel, greatly extending the wood floor life and stability. 2. Comparison of slit and deformation problems For traditional solid wood flooring, floor nails are used to hold the floor, but we all know that solid wood is a natural material, that is to say it is life itself, with the </p>
<p>season And the temperature changes, solid wood flooring will shrink contraction, and the fixed role of the floor nail just limits the floor of the normal shrinkage, it turns out that the general solid wood flooring more than 80% of the slits, from Alice, deformation are related to this The There are also four seasons of climate change brought about by the invasion of moisture, but also the most likely to cause solid wood flooring from the Alice, the main factors of slit. Due </p>
<p>to the natural material inherent in the internal material caused by the instability of the instability caused by no change, and therefore want to rely on the keel, nail glue man-made to create a seamless solid wood flooring can be described as difficult! &quot;Tiger's mouth&quot; solid wood flooring face wood Material of the natural instability, not to take &quot;blocking&quot; the way, but the use of &quot;sparse&quot; ideas, listen to their freedom. Because do not play keel and nail glue, but through the </p>
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