Artist: flooring sales overseas

<p>With the large accumulation of overseas resources, anxin flooring throughout the country set up more than 500 floor finished goods store, its domestic sales of real wood floor, log materials sales are rising steadily, sales product of real wood floor of 3 million square meters, 2004 plate 2 million square meters, its market share in domestic.</p>
<p>Anxin flooring sales overseas, meanwhile, have also made amazing achievements, products successfully entered the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed markets, laid a solid foundation for the essence of brand internationalization management.</p>
<p>The tour start from Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, tour the city of wenzhou, fuzhou, shenzhen, changsha, nanchang, hefei, wuhan, yichang, chongqing, kunming, chengdu, xian, jinan, Beijing, shenyang, Harbin and other 19 cities, the whole event lasting more than two months, when will be the great river north and south in the upsurge of Brazil.</p> " <a href="http://compositeoutdoordecking.c...g/2614.html">Ikea patio decking</a> , <a href="">Can i build my own deck in brisbane</a> , <a href="">composite siding products</a> , <a href="">deck railing vinyl</a> "