Artist: unnecessary disputes The Conclusion

<p>the slot. Ordinary mouth floor in the installation must use d3 waterproof special glue, otherwise the floor will crack, but because of the installation site construction of the uneven coating, ordinary mouth of the tongue and the tongue and groove easy to tide, resulting in unnecessary disputes The Conclusion: The above is the family Xiaobian introduced what is the mouth of the mouth, the characteristics of the mouth of the mouth, I hope to help you. Learn more about </p>
<p>building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration Raiders.What are the things that need to pay attention to the purchase of solid wood flooring buy lock floor, may wish to pay attention to the following two matters: the type of lock floor and lock the size of the floor manufacturer. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; 1 types of lock floor flooring sales on the market by the lock can be divided into single lock, three lock and lock the floor of the four. The biggest </p>
<p>characteristic of the floor is to prevent floor seam crack. The firm, stable and lasting of the floor lock mainly depends on the angle and the angle of the lock, and the precision of the machining, the toughness of the base material and so on. Single lock as long as the structure is reasonable, it is sufficient to prevent the cracks in the floor joints. More than one lock in the area and angle of chamfer may not reach the desired target, such results may be counterproductive. </p>
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