Artist: adhesive and paint the advantages

<p>you help mahogany floor maintenance. If you need to know more Home Furnishing knowledge, welcome attention to the house decoration network.Solid wood parquet flooring is a kind of ground decoration materials, parquet beautiful modelling changeable, very suitable for decoration. Solid wood parquet flooring by making a rare species, the price is not cheap, today Xiaobian to introduce the purchase and maintenance of the knowledge of the solid wood </p>
<p>parquet flooring. A brief introduction of solid wood parquet wood parquet flooring is the first floor of the laser cut, and then follow the hand stitching pattern, mass production is difficult, high content of artificial, so the parquet floor price high. Solid wood parquet flooring with precious trees produced, the price is high, it is more suitable for high-end consumer groups. Two, the purchase method of solid wood parquet 1, as natural materials, wood shrinkage and </p>
<p>deformation is the inevitable choice, try to choose material of wood floor relatively stable species, such as teak, jackfruit (intsia), oak wood, Balau (Balau), wood pod beans and other trees, then select the color and grain. Many people think that wood is as hard as possible, in fact, wood is hard, although it has better wear resistance, but relatively poor dimensional stability, the wood floor size selection to choose narrow and short floor, although the effect is </p>
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