Artist: Multilayer solid wood

<p>resisting layer, substrate, product technology patent application is unique, the annual output of more than 2000 square meters, the perfect present industry as the pillar enterprises Nexium proudly attitude. Multilayer solid wood, solid wood floor with North and South America and Southeast Asia, native tree species, the use of domestic and foreign advanced sawing, planing, milling, sand and other mechanical and automation PV and UV paint line, so that each </p>
<p>piece of wood flooring logs bloomed in the original vitality. Nice floor always adhere to the flooring industry to promote the internationalization of higher quality, more scientific, more international &quot;road to innovation leading quality, affects the China and the world. The group will create a quality of the brand &quot;concept to implement One principle runs through it all. production and operation, the daily management activities of enterprises in strict accordance with the </p>
<p>ISO9001-2002 international quality management system certification, in strict accordance with the international ISO14001 environmental protection certification, do product environmental protection articles, and to obtain the first domestic flooring industry green certification ten ring. Extraordinary achievements won the national authorities and the industry fully affirmed. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; two, nice floor installation notes 1 to detect ground water content using </p>
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