Artist: will soon disappear luster

<p>is certainly not complete, which will result in the strengthening of the floor after the completion of the pavement, the continuous release of formaldehyde, harm human health. The second is due not so solid wood floors Juegan components, compared with solid wood floor, too far. 3, parquet flooring since you can use different material gluing, it is also in the solid wood floor into the middle of artificial material. </p>
<p>Its physical properties are more complex everyday habits? The answer is yes. Solid wood composite floor is made of plates of different species cross laminated to a certain extent, overcome the solid wood floor wet expansion and dry shrinkage defects, dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, has good dimensional stability, and retains the natural tree wood floors and comfortable feeling. Solid wood </p>
<p>flooring laminate flooring and the stability of the stability of the solid wood floor, but also has the advantages of environmental protection. And because the substrate using multi-layer parquet veneer, wood fiber composite laminated into mesh arranged in a crisscross pattern, the internal stress of the wood to adapt to each other in the plate between the wood floor to ensure the smoothness and stability, and </p>
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