Artist: it enriched the level of space

<p>warm. Wallpaper with blue flowers on the background wall of the sofa, elegant atmosphere. Solid wood flooring, natural texture clear, there are natural logs fragrance, elegant and natural. The floor uses microcrystalline ecological paint technology, health and comfort more greatly extend the service life. The color of this floor is the mix of depth, the overall effect of the pavement is very good, will not let the space too rigid. Wood color of the ground can be used with a variety of decoration style, natural breath twice warm. Sofa side of </p>
<p>the white embedded cabinet to save some space, the above is the lattice display cabinet, the following is the living room storage cabinet. TV cabinets and backdrop cabinets also use a white simple series, very concise. Although there is no eye-catching design, but the overall layout is very good, beautiful, practical both. Wood-colored flooring and white furniture with a lot of space to brighten. Solid wood flooring, with natural texture and color, compared with the appearance of solid wood flooring in no way inferior. In addition, the </p>
<p>wear resistance and water resistance and other properties also have a good performance, so we do not have to worry about the Dali problem of light-colored flooring. Although the Chinese series of flooring, but when used with a variety of styles, especially small units, there will be a good overall effect. Composite floor appearance is fresh maple color, the use of curved intelligent environmental protection lock, not only with the previous simple buckle stitching, the advantages of strict fit in the installation process, the arc can be </p>
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