Artist: stone radioactive

<p>Does the color determine stone radioactive? The prevalence of radioactivity in nature The radiation on Earth is preceded by the birth of human beings, that is, human beings multiply for hundreds of thousands of years in <a href="http://exteriordeckingcladding.c...507.html">outdoor boundary wall design for home</a> an environment with radioactive phenomena. Almost all of the material on Earth contains radioactive elements, which also contain our human beings themselves. Stone taken from nature, containing radioactive material is positive, normal.</p><p> Stone radioactive level with other building materials, the level of radioactivity basically build our living, living, office space is almost all building materials, production of building materials from raw materials from nature, stone ore from the mine, its essence is the same The In general, the radioactive level of building materials is a <a href="">wpc composite fencing for sale</a> low dose of radiation, and it can not and can not quickly (short term) lead to deterministic effects.</p><p> That is, some newspapers reported due to laying "rhododendron green" granite and lead to a certain infertility, or because of stone radioactive led to the occurrence of various cancers. This argument is the lack of reason and practice basis. How does the radioactive impact on human health affect low-dose exposure, and that professionals have different views, both of which lack the necessary epidemiological investigation of clinical data. But the same is true, that is, for radioactive high-dose irradiation, will certainly cause certainty harm to human health, and for building materials, stone production of low-dose exposure to the <a href="http://exteriordeckingcladding.c...05.html">Elevated Deck Plan With Hand Rail and Stairs Free</a> causative factors, usually one hundred thousandth of a few. This risk is not higher than the car, by train, construction, mining and other industries at high risk.</p>