Artist: Many home enterprises in advance layout "

<P>Accompanied by the rapid development of electricity providers, furniture, online shopping also will be quietly rising. One is simple, fast, but can not see the online shopping; the other is the high price,<a href=''>rust proof laundry drying rack outdoor</a> but more heart of the physical store, consumers will choose how?</P>
<P>Miss Li is a "eight after", after graduating from college work, and now Nanshan District, rented a 45 square meters of apartment space. Miss Lee rented in the rental room, the reporter saw a new set of ivory white European furniture. "Here's the closet, the bed, the table, the chair are all recently bought online." Miss Lee said. "This kind of European solid wood wardrobe to buy the price is similar to the money in the store half of the price,<a href=''>beach chair with canopy backpack</a> online to buy only 2700 yuan, the store is not five or six thousand dollars simply can not buy the whole set of furniture, cabinets, beds, chairs Four pieces of online shopping spent about 5,000 yuan, which in the store is only enough to buy a wardrobe. "Miss Li pointed to a 4 wardrobe told reporters.</P>
<P>"Now it is only rent, so do not want to spend too much money on the furniture .Thirdly consider the affordable online shopping furniture is the most suitable for our tenants." According to Miss Li, "usually busy, not too much Time to the building materials furniture market carefully selected. High credibility, sales and more praise of the furniture shop or trustworthy. "" Most of the online purchase of furniture are young people rent,<a href=''>cleaning outdoor furniture cushion covers</a> Shenzhen, the majority of online shopping consumers. And after 7-8 months of student graduation season are online shopping season, trading volume can reach twice the usual. "Taobao Foshan, Foshan, a furniture dealer told reporters.</P>
<P>Reporters yesterday visited the B & Q Nanshan European City store, Le Anju Futian shop, Meikailong global home life square and other furniture market and found that even Monday to Friday's working day, the furniture market is not deserted. "If it is over the weekend, people will be more at 9 o'clock in front of the door there will be a lot of guests come to buy furniture." Le Ancher Futian shop desk staff told reporters. According to B & Q Nanshan Europe City store sales staff Miss Fu introduced, "4,5 months and 9,10 months are the sales season,<a href=''>indoor cloth drying rack supplier</a> businesses will launch every year '51', '11' related holiday discount, most of the choice of building materials furniture The customer will be able to pick these months when the discount big start.Especially the weekend, a salesperson one day to receive a dozen customers, busy with even the time to drink.</P>