Artist: Used furniture to deal with bad people

<P>With the "two children policy" fully open. In the future, China's children's consumer market will usher in the development of the peak. For the wardrobe industry, the children's wardrobe market is equally promising. On the one hand, the full release of the second child is conducive to ease the aging of our population pressure,<a href=''>coastal home decor ideas</a> on the other hand, for our wardrobe enterprises, but also brought new opportunities for development.</P>
<P>Children's furniture market development opportunities According to China's sixth census results show that China's 0 to 14-year-old children more than 220 million, accounting for about 16.6% of the total population. And "separate second child" after the implementation of the policy is expected in the next five years will bring 8 million newborns, which in turn further promote the development of China's children's furniture industry. "Universal two children" policy followed,<a href=''>rattan table and chair sale in vienna</a> is expected in the next few years, children's furniture is still able to maintain more than 10% of the high growth. These customers are children's furniture industry is the precise positioning of the crowd, the future development of the market is huge. In a nutshell, the "spring" of the Chinese children's market is expected to accelerate. China's children's furniture market is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries.</P>
<P>Children's wardrobe market is getting hot from the current market point of view, children's wardrobe development prospects. As a result, more and more wardrobe enterprises have set foot in the children's wardrobe industry. It is precisely because of this, the development direction of children's wardrobe and wardrobe market, the direction of the mainstream more and more fit. However, most of the parents of children's wardrobe standards, features are not very understanding,<a href=''>outdoor pool chair supplier in australia</a> let alone for children with a full set of furniture. Integration just helps parents solve this problem.</P>
<P>Wardrobe enterprises need to actively seize the children's market opportunities Whether the traditional 421 family model, or "universal two children" New Deal, China's children's market is undoubtedly a huge blue ocean, as the wardrobe business no doubt need to seize the opportunity in the wardrobe industry as a whole down the situation,<a href=''>lightweight canvas foldable fishing camping chair</a> To create a miracle of counterattack. At the same time, wardrobe enterprises also need to recognize the current children's furniture market problems. The rapid development of the children's market and the market segmentation form a more intense market competition. In order to meet customer needs, from the fight products, fight the price to the current production cycle, raw materials, fight culture, safety standards slowly to the service level, brand communication, wardrobe enterprises must be fully prepared, otherwise only mirror water, Wang Mei thirst quencher.</P>