Artist: and drawing of antique antique series

<p>with each other, to maximize the elimination of the anisotropy of wood, to ensure the stability of wood floor when in use the wooden floor, deformation, bending, avoid cracking. The substrate has good water resistance, heat resistance, no deformation, not to open, so as to ensure the quality of the floor. 3, paint using American PPG paint, with unique rolling paint technology, effectively enhance the flexibility and toughness of film, to prevent the hard and </p>
<p>brittle and the phenomenon of paint explosion. Ten times accurate film treatment to ensure durability. Surface fog surface Matt anti-skid treatment, elegant and easy to walk, safe and comfortable touch. Most of the wood composite floors are made of super wear-resistant roll paint and super abrasion paint (also known as piano paint). The paint used in geothermal power is better by roller coating, and its good toughness and elasticity can prevent the floor from </p>
<p>going too far. Floor heating floor is a common floor decoration, it is green, long-term resistance to high temperature, no crack, no degumming, moisture resistance, no deformation, popular with the majority of consumers. Although the performance of water heating floor superior, but in the process of use also need to pay attention to maintenance, can use life long, the following and small make up together to see the floor heating maintenance skills. First, heating </p>
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