Artist: owners choose carpentry acceptance points

<p>and windows and the wooden keel ceiling three carpentry project. A furniture making, many owners choose carpentry acceptance points to the site to build furniture, although more expensive, but can see the whole process of production, easy to control the shape and style of furniture, furniture to build and the whole Home Furnishing style matching. However, it should be noted that carpentry site furniture needs to undergo strict acceptance, and if found </p>
<p>problems, we must promptly request rectification. Here's a look at carpentry furniture acceptance points. 1., to see whether the design requirements, carpentry furniture production site, you need to do a good job of furniture design drawings. The acceptance of the first to see whether in accordance with the drawings, then see whether material is the selection of the provisions of the materials, there is no shoddy 2. see gap size acceptance to see wood sealing line, </p>
<p>horn line, waist panel touch seam less than 0.2mm, the line and the line clamping angle seam does not exceed 0.3mm, decoration the panel board and touch the mouth does not exceed 0.2mm. 3. see structure and other woodworking practices in both horizontal and vertical directions, the correct approach is wood should be straight; check the radian and roundness is smooth, smooth, in addition to the individual, the same shape but also to ensure the consistent style. </p>
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