Artist: the semiconductor titanium dioxide

<p>The photocatalytic action of the semiconductor titanium dioxide electrode under ultraviolet radiation can effectively decompose the organic matter and will be used for the purification of water and air, and also for <a href="">cheapest way of covering a terrace</a> deodorization, sterilization and disinfection. In recent years, it has also been found that the titanium dioxide transparent film of the anatase structure also possesses such photocatalytic properties.</p><p> So that attached to the reflector or protective glass on the organic pollutants to reduce, so as to achieve the role of self-cleaning lamps, and achieved good results. With the improvement <a href="">how to build outdoor wood railing Namibia</a> of people's living standards, people generally have a higher quality of life requirements. In order to keep the indoor air clean, remove the indoor furniture and other harmful gases released, there has been a kind of ultraviolet-activated photocatalytic air freshener. With titanium dioxide coated with the lamp, you can also play the role of lighting and air freshener.</p><p> As a tunnel and other indoor lighting, in order to make the area has a better uniformity, should use small and medium power light source. At the same time generally the height of these occasions is limited, reduce the size of the lamp, improve the lighting control of the lamp, the choice of small light source is more appropriate. In addition to saving energy, the light source must <a href="">outdoor removable plastic tiles for porch</a> have high luminous efficiency.</p>