Artist: Environmental protection under the stainless steel business

In 2017 the country vigorously seized environmental issues, in different provinces across the country have carried out environmental inspection, its scope, time, intensity is unprecedented. Take Luoyang, Henan, where the environmental unqualified enterprises will be forced to stop production, to be qualified after the rectification to continue to start, and also subject to the corresponding punishment.<a href="http://stainlesssteelplateprice..../4949.html">China High Quality 80mm Stainless Steel Pipe</a> We can see that this time the Government's emphasis on environmental governance and determination of the strong. So, Luoyang stainless steel manufacturers in the industry under the thorough investigation will face those opportunities and challenges?<a href="">316 316L stainless steel wire mesh</a> Now we start from the understanding of the beginning of the stainless steel industry chain, from raw materials to products is probably divided into the following, upstream enterprises: iron ore mining enterprises, steel mills, stainless steel pickling plant, shear welding and other stainless steel processing plants; Downstream enterprises are stainless steel hardware products factory, automobile ship factory, petrochemical factory and so on. Stainless steel processing plants in the environmental inspection of the most affected, so the production of downstream enterprises also have a serious impact.<a href="http://stainlesssteelcoilprice.c.../4364.html">Труба из высококачественной нержавеющей стали 304 u</a> But the opportunities often coexist with the challenge. The first is the industry big reshuffle, the environmental inspection will wash away a large number of malicious use of national management loopholes, at the expense of environmental protection to survive the business. But the stainless steel industry in the big reshuffle will usher in a relatively good competitive business environment; Second, the strict investigation will force enterprises to optimize the corresponding products to upgrade and enhance its competitive advantage.<a href="">cold rolled ss316 stainless steel seamless tube</a>