Artist: Furniture enterprises Baotuan outside the expansion of the market

<P>Last week, the national college entrance examination came to an end. Questions, school, employment and other college entrance examination related topics also occupied the news hot list. In the eyes of students, this is a pivotal battle. Win the spring breeze proud of the ancestors of the ancestors; meet the list means that many years of desire to become a bubble. As Long Yingtai said,<a href=''>Bekalan perabot sekolah praktikal</a> reading the book "in the future will have the right to choose, choose meaningful, have time to work, not forced to make a living. Your work in your mind makes sense, you have a sense of accomplishment. Work to give you time, do not deprive you of your life, you have dignity.</P>
<P>In the current social context, children who read books are often easier to get bigger job options. And the college entrance examination of the children,<a href=''>Pelan bilah meja borong dibuat baja</a> often have to struggling in the struggling wandering, for example, such as Guangdong, a small furniture factory inside an ordinary migrant workers. This is what parents do not want to see, but also the children do not want to accept. Do not believe, look at the factory workers in the past few years to know the labor shortage.</P>
<P>Although the year has been more than half, there are still many furniture factory for the workless and worry.
Recently, a report on the Internet, this year's furniture business workers are more serious than in previous years, "some companies will open wages to 4,000 to 5,000 yuan,<a href=''>Set makan set ketinggian set 5 bistro</a> it is difficult to find enough manpower in time." Reported that missed the Spring Festival recruitment schedule , Now more difficult recruitment, the employer every day to the flow of people around the staggered place, still few people interested.</P>
<P>Report analysis, the current Pu workers in addition to care about wages, but also value the work intensity and working environment and other factors, we no longer satisfied with the money to feed their families, but to further pursue the quality of life. In this regard,<a href=''>Kerusi berlengan empuk kelas komersil</a> I think of a furniture to promote home improvement furniture business executives said, the home industry more and more can not attract young people, because we feel that the lack of dignity of the work. In the view of workers, into the factory to work is a dirty work, not only dirty working environment, can not dressed, the welfare is more protection.</P>