Artist: the regular manufacturers provide

<p>much as possible to the regular water wood paint brand stores or large building materials supermarket to buy products; to prevent people from a small workshop without product quality assurance, no production date, no customer service service &quot;three noes&quot; products. In addition, as far as possible from the store or building materials supermarket shopping guide to understand the relevant product information, including product type, minimum film forming </p>
<p>temperature, drying and drying time, film hardness, gloss, water resistance and heat resistance related parameters. Secondly, ask the environmental performance of products, and ask the guide to produce product quality inspection reports, environmental protection certificates, etc., to avoid mistake, mistake letter, to prevent deception. 2, precision calculation, to consult the manufacturer of water-based wood paint brushing amount, the general dosage is about </p>
<p>20-30M2 /KG. Consumers can calculate the cost of paint and the cost of materials per square meter in accordance with these basic parameters, rather than being cheated by the unit price per unit. 3, pay attention to supporting good quality products are supporting, more professional, according to material texture, color, structure or object have different design requirements and strict process, including providing water stains, set dressing agent, waterborne wood </p>
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