Artist: How hard is the furniture industry from oily paint to water-based paint?

<P>Word of mouth marketing is not a brand card. In the modern marketing context, word of mouth marketing can only be considered an integral part of brand marketing. Word of mouth enterprises may not be able to live long, no word of mouth enterprises may not be able to survive in the market.For a long time,<a href=''>coastal home decor ideas</a> the furniture industry adhere to word of mouth marketing strategy, with its business warfare, and continue to have enterprises to gain growth opportunities, but also continue to have a new business to the success of the advanced experience as a guide, pursue word of mouth marketing, The success of.</P>
<P>However, in the capital of today, capital predators have long been coveted the furniture market, "profiteering", they use brand marketing strategy to quickly seize the market, squeeze word of mouth market share of marketing, such things happen again and again. Although they are not many cases of success, many cases of failure. But as long as there is a temptation, there must be impulse. We see that the new investment adventurers are constantly eroding the market share of furniture word of mouth marketers, round after round of the impact,<a href=''>most popular outdoor dining set</a> is constantly shaking the traditional word of mouth marketing believers market foundation.</P>
<P>It is not difficult to find that in recent years, a large number of furniture brands emerged, China's furniture market more and more "crowded",<a href=''>foldable garden leisure chair</a> a wide range of furniture brands so that consumers dazzled. Although a large number of brands, but most brands are just a commodity tag, and can not rise to the height of brand marketing. Most of the furniture business is still pursued word of mouth marketing strategy. The market practice also proved that to make good products, so that consumers automatically spread your brand, is a cost-effective marketing strategy.</P>