Artist: Furniture from the "selling materials" into "selling design"

<P>"Dwelling" era of the arrival of the market for the mini furniture into the development potential, and with the choice of small units more and more people, this piece of cake will be growing market. So,<a href=''>brand new dining tables for sale</a> if the entrepreneur wants to operate mini furniture, what details should pay attention to it?</P>
<P>Industry insiders said that the mini-furniture has a small size, more features, you can in the limited space to achieve more features of the room, but the mini furniture is not simply the size of traditional furniture, but in color, carved design and product features Improve the quality of the solid wood frame,<a href=''>eco-friendly chaise lounge beach chair</a> to achieve the visual "thin". It is not only the characteristics of the household products on the simple, pay attention to the design and use of lines, in the visual "shrink", but also focus on deepening the solid wood frame color, So, compared to large furniture, mini furniture on the quality requirements are only high not low.</P>
<P>In addition to quality, the appearance of mini-furniture also has an important impact on the choice of consumers. Reporters in the online shopping platform to see a folding bookshelf and coffee table mixed with mini furniture, coffee feet feet W-shaped out,<a href=''>beach chair with backpack straps</a> as if the stretch of the chevron, visual effects simple and clear.</P>
<P>A transparent tempered glass plays a desktop role, palm-sized places can only squeeze two cups of coffee, but very ornamental,<a href=''>low cost chairs sale</a> and tea can be used as a coffee table, when not removed when the activities of glass, but also wooden shelves. This novel design of the mini-furniture by many users of the strong recommendation, the volume has been thousands. From this, the mini-furniture want to successfully open the market, but also need to take into account the characteristics and practical.</P>