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<p>furniture are very upscale, oak made of European furniture. Placed at home also appears to be on the grade, grain clear appearance beautiful, is the furniture of the Jiao Jiao who. 2, oak structure rough, elegant color, wear resistance, a lot of decoration, furniture, flooring and so on materials, have chosen to use oak to create. Practical comparison of wide, highly absorbent, but also corrosion-resistant, with it </p>
<p>to do the quality of solid wood furniture is very good. 3, oak heavy texture straight, so oak bed color elegant texture beautiful, mechanical strength is very high, is very wear-resistant. Second, the shortcomings of oak bed 1, oak material because the comparison in the country less, so the relatively high price of oak furniture. Oak furniture, hard texture, in fact, it is its shortcomings, so that the moisture </p>
<p>in the furniture is not easy to completely dry, a long time more easily rotten. Used to make furniture is a very good material, the appearance of unique and beautiful, on the grade. 2, oak furniture is relatively easy and rubber wood furniture confused, will affect the consumer's judgment. In the domestic oak furniture, although all aspects of the process are very good, but the general oak furniture is not a good </p>
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