Artist: extraordinary. Its price and precious

<p>the quality of the product. The price of Wujin wood furniture, a large bed more than 20,000 (reference price) Since the wood is so precious, that in the market price is also extraordinary. Its price and precious gold teak is not comparable. According to the clerk, in addition to the precious wood, drawing rate is low, the processing is difficult, but also to the high price of Wujin wood furniture. Such as a 1.8-meter black gold bed, asking price of more than </p>
<p>20,000 yuan; a set of leather and black gold wood sofa, the price should be 25,000 yuan. The above content is home to introduce Xiaoben Wujin wood furniture purchase skills and prices, we hope to buy useful. More furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Golden ebony is a tropical tree species, texture staggered, fine structure and uniform, material corrosion, heavy and hard, can be used for high-end </p>
<p>furniture and high-grade decorative timber. What are the advantages and disadvantages of gold ebony? Look at the following description of it. The ebony is a hardwood, the color is light red, the material is about two hundred years old, grows in the tropical rain forest climate, wood is hard, is not easy to deal with, due to a small amount of production, so used for high-grade furniture manufacturing The Belong to the hematoxylin shoes cedar tree species, </p>
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