Artist: and his lines and features are much higher

<p>distributed in the global tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions, significant black heart were mainly produced in Africa. Is a good material for viewing and collection, and his lines and features are much higher than many other general materials. Golden Ebony Texture Features Shoe Cork also called small zebra wood, </p>
<p>wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, There is a section of the gold more dazzling eye-catching shoes more particularly eyebrows. Race shoes Kudzu: air dry density: 0.77g / cm3-0.82g / cm3, is commonly referred to as the real small black gold wood. Small shoes, beans, air dry density of 0.78g / cm3, often said that the black gold wood called: small shoes beans. The advantages of the advantages of gold ebony is the natural texture of the wonderful. 1, in the </p>
<p>golden ebony natural wood color, gold and black curve vividly, the color eye-catching and very mobile sense, any one section can clearly show the beauty of wood grain. And gold ebony extraction rate is low, hard wood, processing is difficult, so made with gold ebony out of every product is full of strong natural flavor. 2, gold ebony up to 130cm, the growth of special environment, the average growth rate of more than 1,600 meters above sea level hills. Soil </p>
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