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<p>mystery. It is the spirituality of ebony, the National Palace Museum teacher measured ebony there is a significant promotion of blood circulation, longevity function. Shu people as the evil spirits of the treasure As ebony is a non-renewable resources, the development of less and less, some of the natural shape of ebony works of art with great collection value. Ebony use (the role of ebony) 1, ebony anti-odor in addition to taste the effect is very good, can dirty </p>
<p>air purification. On some of the heavy metals in the air and toxic substances, have a certain adsorption. So the comb, kang table, a small screen and other furnishings are suitable for use with ebony do. 2, ebony purification effect is very good, in ancient times, dignitaries also love ebony furniture, ebony works of art as evil spirits and security of the fetish. So ebony made of peace, Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin notes, not only security peace, auspicious meaning, and </p>
<p>ebony can clean the car air, it is rather quiet gas. 3, ebony often used to make small pieces of chopsticks, ebony chopsticks in the highest price of wood chopsticks, the quality of solid weight, not bending is not deformed, chopsticks elegant. The above content is home Xiaobian introduced the formation of ebony principle and use of knowledge, hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian, we have a certain understanding of ebony. More knowledge of building </p>
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