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<p>Water Secretary of the news, integrated China's economic and trade situation, the state has the domestic container transport as the focus of future development direction,<a href=''>prices per ft for composite fences images</a> will be in 2005 , So that the boxing rate of domestic trade containers increased to about 30%, domestic container volume will reach 3 million TEU, port domestic container throughput will reach 7 million TEU. The initial construction of the Yangtze River Delta,[url=]synthetic wood privacy fence[/url] the Pearl River Delta and the northern coastal areas of the three major container transport center. By 2010, the containerization rate of domestic water transport containers reached 50%, and the throughput of waterway </p>
<p>containers and port domestic container throughput reached 7 million TEU. During this period, China will transform and build about 100 new domestic container berths. In recent years,<a href=''>building a wooden canopy in the backyard</a> domestic coastal domestic container transport has entered a period of rapid development.[url=]outdoor swimming pool[/url] As domestic demand for coastal transport increased, capacity growth, tariffs have picked up, coupled with the domestic container by the port environment restrictions than foreign trade containers, is conducive to the development of port domestic trade container transport. China is from the south to the north, from east to west, all-round development of the container </p>
<p>business: Shanghai now has been leapt to the world's third container port, but they continue to increase the construction of container port, such as: Yangshan deep-water port 50 Container deepwater berth,<a href=''>quien vende material wpc en america</a> by 2010, when the annual handling capacity will reach 15 million TEU or more, the construction of the Waigaoqiao four public terminals, the annual design throughput of 1.8 million TEU, Pudong Railway in 2003 has started construction,[url=]composite wood pergolas sacramnto[/url] is expected in 2005 Guangzhou, in addition to the construction of the Huangpu Port, but also in Nansha port planning and construction of 50 large water berths, the start of four 50,000-ton shore-type </p>