Artist: volatile organic solvent

<p>How to safely use the interior paint usually paint contains volatile organic solvent components such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene and formaldehyde. Their role is mainly used as a supplements to reconcile the paint in order to brush. At the same time, there are pest control and mildew effect. In use, the organic composition of the paint will evaporate, affecting <a href="">paint concrete pots look like zinc</a> human health, causing acute symptoms. Such as: headache, nausea, dizziness and irritation of eyes, throat and lungs. The volatile matter is more severe than the latex paint (waterborne paint).</p><p> However, the latex paint emissions of volatile matter will also affect human health. Paint volatiles can be through the building of various pipes, power outlets, central air conditioning ventilation system <a href="">wholesale lattice panel milwaukee wi</a> leaks out of the gap, affecting people's health.</p><p>Air conditioning or heating devices can filter dust, but can not filter gaseous volatile. Indoor painting should be carried out in the dry season of spring and autumn. Because the spring and autumn doors and windows can be open to facilitate ventilation. Be sure to buy paint for indoor use. Must not be used for outdoor use. Read the instructions and safety precautions <a href="">installing stair composite menards hand rails</a> carefully before use.</p><p> Different varieties contain different harmful ingredients to the human body. Do not be self-righteous, some product formula ingredients may have changed. To avoid or reduce exposure to harmful gases and to accelerate the recovery of indoor air quality. Use the window exhaust fan to drain the interior paint smell. Note the safety of the exhaust fan. If you can not use the exhaust fan, to ensure that the indoor ventilation is good. When painting, you should <a href="">cost of decking and pergola</a> breathe fresh air from time to time. Just painted a good room, 2-3 days try not to enter.</p>