Artist: put ebony furniture and carved works

<p>acclaimed works of art and culture, and some of the natural shapes of ebony are the favorites. Ebony collection value. Ebony is a valuable resource. China's folk known as &quot;a box of jewelry, not as good as ebony&quot; argument. In ancient times, dignitaries put ebony furniture and carved works of art as Buddhist holy goods, town house treasure, evil spirits, very cherished. Ebony in our country has always been the first choice for people collection, a lot of literati on the </p>
<p>ebony is highly respected. In recent years, due to over-exploitation of ebony, its collection value has gone up, it is reported that precious ebony handicrafts a small market price in more than million. It can be seen that ebony works of art is highly valuable. The above is mainly about the ebony is what, ebony identification points and value embodied, I believe that through the introduction of Xiaobian, we have learned a certain ebony identification methods and values </p>
<p>??reflected. More knowledge of building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Ebony, Sichuan people were known as the gloomy wood, the ebony and ebony in the nature or there is a certain difference. The nature of the gloomy wood is carbonized wood, then the sunset wood and ebony What is the difference? The following small series for everyone to explain in detail. First, the tree species of different real ebony refers to </p>
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