Artist: straight, and some up to ten feet

<p>a tree, and constitute a tree species of gloomy wood there are many species. Since ancient times, ebony trees have &quot;ebony,&quot; said the leaves like palm, trunk very straight, and some up to ten feet, both male and female strains. Its wood solid as iron, heavy weight, delicate texture. Heartwood and sapwood obvious distinction, heartwood is black or chestnut brown. Now the wood market, &quot;ebony&quot;, generally refers to the black African ebony, its Latin name (Diospyros </p>
<p>ebenum Koenig), among the national standard mahogany 5 genus 33 species of 33 species, is a persimmon genus. According to the &quot;National Redwood Standard&quot; we can see that ebony as a loose material, the growth wheel is not obvious; heartwood all black, light stripe rare; tube hole in the naked eye slightly; with brown or black gum and other structural features. Ebony material hard weight, corrosion resistance, durability; air dry density greater than 0.85g / </p>
<p>cm3, usually sink in the water. And as the carbonized of the gloomy wood, mainly due to the ancient times, the original forest trees suffered sudden geological disasters, such as flash floods, mudslides, earthquakes, landslides, etc., the trees into the river, buried in the river bed of the sediment , Which causes the trees to be buried in the hypoxic dark stratum. Some of the trees buried in the silt, in the absence of oxygen, high pressure, the nature of thousands of years, </p>
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