Artist: treasure, the ancients cloud "rather

<p>feel smooth, Lai from the natural gods, set lean, leak, through, wonderful charm in one, is the production of handmade art, temple and other excellent materials. Both a high ornamental value, but also a very precious collection, for the ancient people of the treasure, the ancients cloud &quot;rather to ebony side, do not jewelry a box.&quot; However, historical records from the point of view, the history of heavy wood used for coffins or crafts production. As the chi is too </p>
<p>heavy, making it rarely used for furniture production. Because of its &quot;million years of non-rot&quot; function, especially since the Ming and Qing dynasties, it is the ancient emperor's coffin preferred material, and even to the Qing Dynasty, has been dedicated to the royal family, folk can not be used privately, resulting in its increasingly scarce, precious. In fact, the sinking wood for buried for thousands of years, its value has been more than other wood. First of all, it as a </p>
<p>cultural output, can reproduce the ancient environment, the development of tourism industry, its value is immeasurable. Second, the gloomy wood of the performance of the 'beauty of the process', fine and real sense. Whether it is based on the generation of artisans from generation to generation, or based on the designer's wisdom to create, in short, the use of precious wood gloomy wood, through craftsmen crafted, the art, collection, practical set in one, The </p>
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