Artist: less raw materials, high cost because

<p>other wood, oak made of bath box cabinet more resistant to corrosion, and because of their high density. And then easy to absorb water. Oak bathroom cabinet shortcomings 1, less raw materials, high cost because the main source of oak Russia and the United States, other parts of the import volume is also very small. So the cost of oak bathroom cabinet than other wooden bathroom cabinet much more expensive. 2, cracked oak after drying has a good </p>
<p>stability, but because of its woody hard, moisture drying is too much trouble, and more difficult. Poor handling can cause surface deformation and cracking. It seems that the advantages of oak bathroom cabinet is still too shortcomings, or worthy of our purchase. The bathroom is a damp environment, a lot of bathroom bathroom in the bathroom for a long time there will be water absorption, black phenomenon, but the oak is different. The oak itself is made of </p>
<p>bathroom cabinet material, itself is not afraid of water, growing in the tropics it, the density is high, and therefore its price will be higher than the ordinary material of the bathroom cabinet. The above content is home Xiaobian introduced oak bathroom cabinet advantages and disadvantages of the whole analysis, I believe that through the Xiaobian Jia Shao, everyone on the oak bathroom cabinet with all aspects of understanding. For more information on </p>
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