Artist: characteristics, so much consumers

<p>bathroom furniture, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.In the purchase of bathroom counters, we generally consider the factors of moisture, and oak bathroom cabinet with moisture resistance is good, beautiful fashion, long life and other characteristics, so much consumers of all ages. Then how to buy oak bathroom cabinet? Buy need to pay attention to what? Please see below. First, the oak bathroom cabinet to buy skills 1. Look at the </p>
<p>bathroom cabinet surface, if the surface paint a lot of prominent small particles are poor paint, can not buy. 2. look at the plate, so shopping guide to produce plate model to see in the end is what kind of plate, what advantages and disadvantages. 3. smell the smell, open the closed door, if there is an irritating smell of hair out can determine the formaldehyde content exceeded. 4. asked the purchase of a request to obtain a national testing agencies recognized the </p>
<p>quality inspection report, see 24h suction thickness expansion rate, formaldehyde emission, grip nail force, the surface resistance to cracking. 5. the amount of your home can be placed in the bathroom cabinet space specifications, in accordance with the spending power to choose the right, safe, robust, generous bathroom cabinet. Second, the oak bathroom cabinet to buy Notes 1. Paint: the market a lot of oak bathroom cabinet due to the impact of cost, most of </p>
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