Artist: flooring sector on international intellectual

<p>an annual output of about 25 million square meters,<a href=''>wood for lund fishing boats</a> the financial crisis makes the original export accounted for about 80% of the three-tier solid wood flooring business must move to the domestic market The China Forest Products Industry Association Secretary-General Shi Feng told reporters that the activities will standardize the three-tier parquet market, publicity category knowledge and enhance consumer awareness.[url=]safety flooring market in france[/url] Guide the three-tier solid wood flooring business is committed to do fine products, and provide quality services to consumers to buy at ease, with a comfortable consumer atmosphere; guide consumers to understand the three-</p>
<p>tier parquet,<a href=''>beadboard in bathroom moisture</a> the long-term exports to Europe Market and win a good reputation of the floor category introduced to the domestic consumers, so that domestic consumers experience the quality of the three solid wood flooring. China National Forest Products Industry Association of flooring professional committee, the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry Joint Elephant Group, Guangdong Ying Ran Wood,[url=]white composite lumber[/url] Golden Eagle Iger and other 13 flooring companies, composed of three layers of solid wood flooring national promotion action group, developed and implemented Three-tier solid wood flooring to promote the activities </p>
<p>of the national plan, and recently launched a three-tier solid wood flooring dealer training. China Forest Products Industry Association floor professional committee secretary general Lu Bin told reporters that we three-tier solid wood flooring sales links and after-sales service to make a clear specification.<a href=''>resin wicker outdoor furniture</a> Dealers as a bridge between enterprises and consumers, the development of the entire wood flooring industry plays a vital role in the flooring industry from research and development, production to sales and service throughout the link,[url=]glass windbreak panels[/url] bearing an important link. The promotion of new categories, the final decision is still in the hands of consumers. </p>