Artist: Times, the old boat wood red material

<p>wooden furniture factory in Shandong to give you a brief introduction, the general wood The ship to remove the hull (not above the deck) are hardwood wood, hardwood is divided into two kinds, one is the red material, the second is the yellow material, the general red material is a separate pick out the price is also expensive than yellow Times, the old boat wood red material is now basically rare, especially after 2015, it is now difficult to find the whole boat is a </p>
<p>red material of the wooden boat, and 80% -90% are yellow material old boat wood, so the price is Soaring, is also the most expensive price of the old boat wood. Second, the old boat wooden coffee table prices rise 1, the old boat is not renewable resources Old boat wood is not renewable, because now more than 60 years old fishing boats are less and less, so this old fishing boat Is a demolition of a less one; now there are many businesses from foreign imports </p>
<p>of old fishing boats, old wooden wood table wood are from the old fishing vessels to get rid of the scrap, do not need too much processing made; , The traditional craft and the tenon structure Old boat wood tea table is pure handmade and the traditional structure of the mortise and tenon, the old boat wood tea table between the connection is reinforced with the mortise and tenon structure, and did not use the screw to connect the reinforcement, There are </p>
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