Artist: flooring industry is a turning point

<p>told reporters that Sheng is currently stepping up the substrate production line investment and construction. The biggest advantage of their own production of the substrate is that you can control the price from the key points of the production chain, unlike the current pressure to adjust the cost of production, to control the price of retail terminals.[url=]composite decking does it absorb water[/url] In the domestic floor production enterprises in most of the floor business is to strengthen. In this round of raw materials 'famine', the industry reshuffle really started.<a href=''>cost per square foot for pvc decking</a> At the beginning of the year there have been industry analysis, the next two to three years, in the country two or three thousand flooring brands, </p>
<p>there will be 70% of small businesses were eliminated,[url=]how to cover an existing floor[/url] the base material prices will accelerate this trend. Industry insiders said that small and medium enterprises in the industry in addition to conversion in addition to a way out, that is, their own into the production system of large enterprises, some good conditions can be sold to large enterprises. Recently, the building materials market due to the continued rise in substrate prices, resulting in solid wood flooring prices continue to rise. Not only consumers discouraged,<a href=''>industrial foam board indonesia</a> many solid wood flooring dealers also shouted 'too much.' It is understood that the use of solid wood flooring with the South </p>
<p>American timber in July rose about 5%, which is the fourth year of this product prices, the total increase has more than 30%. According to the timber industry is expected, [url=]can you put deck tiles over plywood[/url]China's solid wood flooring raw material supply in a long period of time will face a shortage situation, solid wood flooring prices will remain high level. Guangzhou South Bank in the south of the decorative materials market to see the high price of solid wood flooring, two or three hundred square meters per square meter floor is only mid-range.<a href=''>temp flooring for party</a> Floor high prices scare off a lot of consumers, one is buying the floor of Mr. Yang said that the new house area of ​​120 square meters, if all </p>