Artist: Energy saving and reduction of industrial boilers

<p>China's coal-fired boilers to maintain a large, wide distribution, high energy consumption, heavy pollution, the overall level of energy efficiency compared with the developed countries have a large gap between the huge potential for energy-saving emission reduction, China's industrial boilers to implement energy-saving emission reduction is imperative Need to take measures from these aspects.<br />
Increase the boiler energy conservation and environmental protection efforts<br />
Increase the coal-fired industrial boilers and boiler room system energy-saving environmental transformation efforts, the coal-fired industrial boilers to carry out automatic control system, combustion optimization, waste heat recovery, frequency control, efficient desulfurization denitrification dust, improve water quality and other aspects of energy-saving technological transformation.</p>
<p>Actively promote the fuel structure optimization and adjustment<br />
The establishment of industrial boilers fueled the idea of ​​high-quality fuel, coal-fired industrial boilers to promote the use of high-quality coal, screening lump coal, coal, commercial coal, and through the policy to be reflected, strictly enforced. While the use of price leverage, saving coal; the establishment of coal processing, distribution system to ensure the quality of coal supply.<br />
Eliminate old inefficient boilers<br />
 System of fixed coal - fired industrial boilers economic operation of the minimum energy - saving, environmental standards. The establishment of the old inefficient boiler out of the update mechanism, with a large boiler to replace small boilers, high-parameter boiler with low-parameter boiler, conditional areas with gas or biomass boiler instead of coal-fired boilers, a greater increase in boiler energy efficiency.</p>
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