Artist: Winter floor maintenance

<p>Winter maintenance of the floor, should not directly increase the humidity on the floor surface, but should actively adjust the indoor humidity. Solid wood flooring room to maintain a certain temperature <a href="">flooring design for roof terrace</a> and humidity. The temperature is preferably below 28 ° C and the humidity is preferably maintained between 50% and 70%, not less than 40%. Under such external conditions, the wood floor can be maintained in a relatively stable state. If the natural humidity is not reached, it is recommended to use humidifier humidification.</p><p> Keep the floor surface dry and bright. You can use a neutral cleaning solvent wipe and then wring <a href="">pvc panel fencing in ireland</a> dry cotton mop to wipe, do not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic Solvent scrub. In the door of the place, it is best to shop a mat, to prevent the wood floor contraction, cracking. Reinforced wood flooring in winter use and maintenance is relatively simple, but can not be taken lightly.</p><p> In general, in the winter should pay attention to increase the humidity on the floor surface, with wet mop <a href="">installing composite kitchen floor New Zealand</a> mopping the floor, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor to create gaps and cracks. If the individual position to produce cracking, please promptly notify the sales unit, the local filling. Winter sunshine on the floor although there is no strong summer, but the same should try to avoid prolonged direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation will paint oxidation, And speed up aging.</p><p> Due to the dry weather in winter, we must pay attention to fire safety. In addition, due to the dry surface of the winter floor, the surface is easy to damage, in particular, should avoid sharp objects scratch the floor. Although the popularity of cork flooring less than other types of flooring, but the comfort of cork floor foot feeling is undoubtedly the best. In contrast, cork winter maintenance is more critical. In the course of the use, it is best to avoid the sand into <a href="">switching a concrete porch to composite</a> the room, if accidentally brought into the room, should be promptly removed.</p>