Artist: How to maintain the geothermal floor

<p>Close the geothermal system, pay attention to the cooling to be gradual With the passage of the season, when the weather is warm, the indoor no longer need geothermal system heating, should pay attention to <a href="">craftsman style decks purchase</a> the closure of the geothermal system should also have a process, the floor cooling process should be gradual, , If the cooling rate is too fast, it will also affect the life of the floor. When the room is too dry, you can consider humidification If the climate is dry, coupled with the use of geothermal heating, the floor in the case of long-term high temperature, easy to dry, then the owners need to humidify the room, so as not to dry deformation of the floor.</p><p> Decoration should not pay attention to the ground drilling, nails, so as not to leak geothermal pipeline, resulting in <a href="">composite fence installation long island</a> geothermal system running water, floor, soaked in water. In addition, because the floor surface is a cooling surface, the floor as far as possible not to do a fixed decorative pieces or placed without legs of the furniture, nor to build a platform, so as not to affect the hot air flow, resulting in poor room heating effect.</p><p> As the floor surface temperature is relatively high, the use of <a href="">fastening plastic wood floor</a> geothermal heating system, the best winter room is not placed directly on the ground filled with water glassware and porcelain, so as to avoid uneven heating, thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in rupture of utensils, home " The Geothermal flooring has become a home decoration in the fashion decorations, but we in the purchase, pavement must pay more attention to detail, especially in the maintenance, geothermal floor <a href="">grey composite wood deck design pictures</a> requirements even higher.</p>