Artist: Industrial boilers

<p>To carry out industrial boiler energy-saving work market barriers to the investigation and analysis, research and development of appropriate policy measures. Increase the support of public finance to energy saving work of industrial boilers. In addition to increasing the allocation of energy-saving funds, it is recommended to set up special funds for industrial boilers, on the one hand to make up for the current shortage of energy-saving industrial boilers, on the other hand to mobilize the boiler business, research institutions, energy-saving service companies, users to promote energy conservation initiative.</p>
<p>It is recommended to focus on the improvement and technical level of the combustion equipment of the chain-burning chain grate, the research and product development of the gasification and combustion technology in the small-scale boiler, the boiler control technology research and product development of the coal-fired industry, the development of the condensing gas boiler, Boiler energy-saving audit and effect assessment software and boiler energy statistics accounting analysis system software research and development technology and product development work, efficient energy-saving environment-friendly boiler using financial subsidies to speed up the promotion and application.</p>
<p>Accelerate the system of manufacturing license conditions, boiler and pressure vessel use registration management approach, boiler energy-saving technical supervision and management procedures, boiler design document identification rules and other laws and regulations, energy-saving environmental indicators as a boiler manufacturing license, the use of registration, design review of the mandatory Environmental protection, safety requirements of the boiler, prohibit the production, sale and use, improve the boiler energy saving and environmental protection access threshold. It is not necessary to meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Speed ​​up the development of industrial boilers energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency rating, boiler air pollutant discharge standards, boiler thermal calculation, smoke resistance calculation, hydrodynamic calculation standards and other standards, and continuously improve the threshold of energy saving and environmental protection.</p>
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