Artist: Jun Yi, good aesthetic intentions

<p>professional buy skills , Such as the material is not pure old elm furniture, how much water and so on. The water content and origin of the old elm coffee table furniture should also be noted that the moisture content should be consistent with the equilibrium moisture content of the use area. Elm moisture content shall not be higher than the local use of the local equilibrium moisture content of 1%, otherwise the elm due to expansion and contraction easily lead to tenon </p>
<p>separation, furniture, frame, but also cause warping, more serious is the high moisture content of furniture Will increase the rate of formaldehyde release. Some old elm coffee table in the place can not see the use of other materials. At present the market on the old elm coffee table furniture mostly half old elm, so the semi-old elm refers to the main part of a product using old elm, and invisible place using other materials, the whole old elm Wood furniture refers to all </p>
<p>the places are used in the old elm, can not use other wood! Some unlawful furniture enterprises to sell lamb to profit from the dog, so consumers need to carefully select the purchase. Second, the old elm use Notes 1, solid wood coffee table can not be used alcohol, gasoline or other chemical dissolved in addition to stains. 2, the surface of the coffee table if there are stains, must not be hard to wipe, you can use the warm tea to remove the stains gently, until the </p>
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