Artist: strength, but also convenient in its wood

<p>furniture. Advantages of elm furniture 1. Elm furniture can be carved elm material is more tough, with a strong resistance to compression and corrosion resistance, so in ancient times are often used as the roof of the beam and Door panels, and its moderate strength, but also convenient in its wood above the sculpture creation, generally through the carved relief can adapt, can be used to produce exquisite craft furniture. 2. elm furniture beautiful elm furniture made </p>
<p>of elm as long as the cycle to be more than 50 years, so the density of elm is particularly large, wood is also relatively hard, the texture is also unusually beautiful. Elm pattern clear and bright, and mahogany chicken wing wood pattern similar to a noble sense, the plane is very smooth, after special treatment of elm made of furniture like a perfect art, elm furniture modeling concise , Usually in the Ming and Qing classical style, the overall style of furniture is very elegant </p>
<p>atmosphere, set decoration and practical and one. 3. Yulin furniture environmental elm furniture painted varnish, is a way to paint the hand-painted, so environmentally friendly non-polluting characteristics, it will not issue an unpleasant odor. Elm furniture most use tenon structure, compact structure, fine workmanship, coupled with its texture is more beautiful, without too much paint painting. 4. elm furniture prices cheap elm furniture prices are not expensive, its </p>
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