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<p>International Exhibition Center (2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area) Attendees: Cha<a href=''>composite deck square ft cost</a>irman, Hangzhou Dazhuang Floor Co., Ltd. Lin Haijiang Somerset Bamboo \u0026 Wood Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Hailiang Hunan Yiyang Peach Blossom River Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Xue Zhicheng Jiangxi Huachang Bamboo Group General Manager Feng Xin Heng Yi Deputy General Manager Wang Wei Jun Haihua Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Yin Jie Jiangxi Xinjingtai Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Chung Song Zhejiang Spring Flooring Co.,[url=]wpc manufacturers in dubai[/url] Ltd. Marketing Manager Wang Senlin Zixi County, Jiangxi </p>
<p>Albatron Floor Co., Ltd. Development Manager Han Dongsheng Hunan Peach Blos<a href=''>wpc outdoor manufacturer in china</a>som River Industry Co., Ltd. Live Training Green broadcast all the guests, good afternoon everyone! Spring March, the recovery of all things, competing in spring bamboo shoots, full of vitality, it is bamboo spring breeze, bath spring rain thriving season, which is the current Chinese bamboo flooring industry, a true portrayal of the development of enterprises. With the strengthening[url=]different heights for lattice wood fence[/url] of forest protection in various countries, restrictions on the implementation of timber logging regulations, the introduction of consumption tax on solid wood flooring, and the rising price of </p>
<p>logs, the Chinese bamboo flooring industry is embracing a spring-like development opportunity. The 'Bamboo Flooring National Standard' and 'China Bamb<a href=''>vinyl fence manufacturers georgia</a>oo flooring consumption white paper 'has introduced more for the bamboo flooring industry has laid a solid foundation for leaps and bounds, with Chinese characteristics, green bamboo flooring is becoming the floor of the new economic growth point. However, compared with wood flooring, bamboo[url=]2x10 decking boards[/url] flooring is facing a series of problems, such as late start, low penetration, small-scale enterprises and the market order to be improved. Although bamboo flooring is generally favored by the industry in </p>