Artist: How to maintain bamboo flooring in summer

<P>1, to maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment: Regularly maintain indoor ventilation, both to make the floor of the chemical as volatile, discharged to the outdoors, but also make the indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. Especially in long-term uninhabited, maintenance, indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, the air convection, or the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems, creating a dry and clean indoor environment.</P>
<P>2, to avoid sun exposure and rain wet: Some house sunlight or rain can enter the window directly from the local area, which will be harmful to the bamboo flooring. Sunshine will accelerate the aging paint and plastic, but also cause the floor shrinkage and cracking. Moisture rain, the bamboo moisture absorption caused by expansion deformation, but also make the floor moldy. Therefore, in daily use should pay special attention.</P>
<P>3, to avoid damage to the floor surface: bamboo floor paint both the floor decorative layer, but also the floor of the protective layer, therefore, should avoid hard impact, sharp weapon scratches, metal friction, chemicals can not be stored indoor. In addition, the indoor furniture handling, moving care should be taken lightly, the foot of the furniture should be put rubber skin and so on. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpets and so on.</P>
<P>4, the correct cleaning and handling: In the daily use of the process, should be regularly clean the floor to keep the ground clean and sanitary. When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to clean the dust and debris, and then wring the cloth wipe dry, such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop, and then hang up to drip water for Drag the net Do not wash with water, nor with a wet cloth or mop to clean. Usually if there is water spill on the ground, should immediately dry with a dry cloth.</P> "<a href=''>deck skirting products</a>,<a href=''>vinyl plank flooring outdoors</a>,<a href=''>air deco water proofer</a>"