Artist: bending strength

<p>Wood board is a plywood with solid wood core, the vertical (to the core plate to distinguish) bending strength, but the lateral bending strength is higher. Now most of the market is solid, plastic fight, double-sided sanding, five-layer blockboard, is currently the most commonly used decorative plate. Advantages: Blockboard screw <a href="">outdoor interlocking plastic tiles melbourne</a> holding force, high strength, with a strong, sound absorption, heat insulation and other characteristics of blockboard moisture content is not high, between 10% -13%, simple processing, for furniture, doors and windows and Set, partition, fake wall, heating cover, curtain box, the most widely used. As the internal solid wood, so the processing equipment is not high, easy on-site construction shortcomings: Because of the massive use of urea formaldehyde glue in the production process, formaldehyde emissions are generally high, generally low environmental standards, which is why the big Part of the taste of wood board pungent reasons.</p><p> At present, most wood-based panels on the market are jerry-building. If the machine is still better, if there is a small gap between the solid wood pieces, there will be <a href="">sound insulation fence supplies</a> a gap in the interior of the board. If there is no nail in the gap, Nail force. The interior of the wood-based panels for the vertical splicing, it is hard to bend the poor compression strength, long-term force will lead to significant horizontal sheet deformation. Wood board internal solid wood material is not the same, the density of different sizes, only after a simple drying process, after home decoration damp natural dry, easy to warp deformation; structure distortion, deformation, affect the appearance <a href="">defy exterior wood cladding</a> and effect.</p><p> As the rough surface of carpentry board, carpentry on-site processing, the surface treatment is usually the use of large quantities of glue or paint, so the plate made of furniture is very environmentally friendly, which is why the decoration is very exciting taste of the main reasons Such on-site production of furniture is the culprit of cancer and lead to genetic mutations, the human body is very large damage. If you do not pay attention to the time of purchase, even encounter bad businesses, and even encounter <a href="">colors composite decking</a> secondary recycling, the recycling of waste carpentry, once again make blockboard sale.</p>